Chopped Strand Mat 1m width - rolls emulsion bound

Chopped Strand Mat 1m width - rolls emulsion bound
Emulsion Binder Chopped Strand Mat Rolls
Suitable for Polyester & Vinyl Ester Resin
Not recommended for epoxy resin systems ( use powder bound mat with epoxy resin system )
Priced From:NZ$170.00
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Emulsion Binder Chopped Strand Mat for Polyester & Vinyl Ester resins

Chopped strand mat (CSM) is the most widely used of all composite reinforcement materials.

Short strands of glass are scattered and bound to create a mat which can then be wet out with resin and used as general purpose reinforcement for traditional fibreglass moulds or parts.

While not as high performance as alternative reinforcements (woven glass fabric, carbon fibre, Kevlar etc.) there are many applications where it is used in parts and it is still used extensively in the production of patterns and moulds.

Item is for full rolls of specified weight CSM

225gm2 CSM $283.00 per roll 28g (124m2) $283.00  about 0.5mm thickness when wetted out
300gm2 CSM $170.00 per roll 30kg (100m2) $170.00  about 0.7mm thickness when wetted out - MOST POPULAR WEIGHT
450gm2 CSM $210.00 per roll 37kg (82m2)  $210.00  about 1mm thicness when wetted out
600gm2 CSM $210.00 per roll 37kg (61m2)  $210.00  about 1.3mm thickness when wetted out

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