Polyester Gelcoat

Polyester Gelcoat
Polyester Gelcoat with MEKP hardener. White & Black. 500ml, 1kg and 4kg kits.
Priced From:NZ$20.00
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Polyester Gelcoat Kit

In simple terms Gelcoat is an unwaxed pigmented resin that would normally be applied onto a mould surface. Good for general fibreglass repairs / new parts, can be brushed & sprayed, ISO/NPG grade. Can be slightly tinted with pigments for colour matching. Budget on 0.7kg per m2 as normal usage. Use MEKP catalyst at 2%

Designed to be used in a mould

Wax in styrene ( sw16 ) additive can be added to convert to a Flowcoat at 2%

Comes with:
Gelcoat, (1kg = 750mls )
MEKP hardener (use between 1% to 2% hardener by volume/weight)

Instructions on the packaging.

Available in white or black.

500g Kit White or Black $20.00

1kg Kit White or Black $35.00

4kg Kit White or Black $85.00

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