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Making the most of fibreglass

The following links provide some good ideas on how to use fibreglass products. The products themselves, or their equivalents, are all available through us but please be wary of attempting to directly import products of this type because of restrictions on hazardous goods.

The video above shows the construction of a fibreglass mould.
Clear resin over wood can create an amazing finish. It's an easy process.

Items can be embedded in resin and cast to create some intriguing effects.
Silicon vacuum bag process
Talk to us if you're looking for vacuum moulding information or materials. This video shows how.
The great thing about fibreglass is that it's so easy to repair. This video demonstrates why.

Dealing with foam. Video shows a quick and effective mixing process.

Fibreglass products and their uses

Fibreglass has to be one of the most versatile materials ever created. It can be used to create fibreglass body mouldings and aerofoils for cars. It can be used to make fibreglass boats, aeroplanes, furniture products, and fibreglass recreational vehicles of all descriptions.

Fibreglass has special uses in art because it provides great strength to otherwise flimsy forms. Fibreglass resin can be moulded into unusual shapes, turned into jewellery or used to protect product and other items from exposure to the elements.


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