Epoxy Fairing Cream

Epoxy Fairing Cream
1:1 ratio fairing compound.

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A low density, easy trowelling fairing compound for large areas. Sands easily and retains a feather edge. Designed for commercial fairing of large areas. It still trowels & sands very easily. Perfect for coving (filleting) also. Use above 15C

500ml 1:1 ratio $23.00
1L 1:1 ratio $38.00
2 litre 1:1 ratio pack $60.00
4L 1:1 ratio pack $103.00

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Used for spreading resin on cloth fabrics

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View Slim line, wetout / disposables
24mm (1") $2.00
50mm (2") $2.50
75mm (3") $3.00

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Steel Fin Rollers
Most popular model for easy wetout / compaction
6mm x 50mm $21
10 x 50mm $22
12 x 75mm $25
16x 150mm $29

Other sizes available upon request.

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