Newtech Polyester Fibre Filled Putty

Newtech Polyester Fibre Filled Putty
Newtech Fibre Filler Polyester Filler With BPO paste hardener
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Newtech repairer is a polyester-based glass-fibre paste and hardener. The paste and hardener are supplied separately, and once mixed it becomes a user-friendly filler which is ideal to repair damaged alloy, metal, masonry, stone, aluminium and fibreglass parts quickly. It also contains rust inhibitor, aluminium and fibreglass strands which provide excellent bridging properties and reduce sagging for covering those large holes. No need to weld-in patches.The cured colour is a dark grey.

Can be used inside or outside, and will be ready to paint within an hour

Available in:

500ml / 750G kit

1L / 1.5kg kit

4L / 5kg kit

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Other sizes available upon request.

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