Top sealing Polyester Flowcoat with MEKP hardener. Available in white or light grey. 1kg and 4kg kits.
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Flowcoat is a waxed pigmented resin that is normally brushed on as a top sealing coat. Good for general fibreglass repairs or new parts as a top coat sealer, best results from brush application. Flowcoat gives a tidy UV protected surface and is commonly used in bilge/anchor/floors/pocket areas to give a tidy & clean finish

Available in white and light grey colours.

Kit comes with:
Flowcoat & MEKP hardener

use between 1% to 2% hardener for volume/weight. 1kg will cover about 0.7m2 of clean & smooth fibreglass surface. 1kg = 750mls of product.

1kg White or Light Grey $25.00
4kg White or Light Grey $70.00
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